What is a RepRap?

It's been fun helping people build RepRaps and I'm sure RepRaps will continue to prosper.


Assembly Videos
For a complete series of videos created by engineglue, follow this url:

How to build the RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 2
For the reprap.org building instructions page, follow this url:

For the visual instructions document, follow this url:

You may find that the visual guide and information at reprap.org is specific to the RepRap Prusa Mendel and not the Iteration 2 variant. If you choose to follow this guide, you will need to suppliment a few steps with the information from the iteration 2 announcement (Iteration 2 Announcement) to make an iteration 2 prusa. For complete instructions on the assembly of an iteration 2 reprap, watch the complete series of videos on Youtube provided by engineglue. Full HD Assembly Videos

How to wire the Ramps 1.4 electronics

Download all the software you need for your RepRap for free on our software page.

Common Questions
You may choose to read answers to questions from other new RepRapper's on our common questions page.

Common Problems
This is a new page which shows photos of faulty parts and what may have caused the malfunction.

Component List
Visit our Components page for more information regarding the parts used to build your Prusa.

The #reprap chatroom on the freenode IRC is awesome! Check it out!

If you don't have an IRC client, you can attempt to use the webchat at:

Type a Nickname, then type #reprap for the Channels field, enter the CAPTCHA text and click connect.

Soldering Tutorial
Here's a great video posted by CuriousInventor on Youtube.

Download the NWRepRap Edition Prusa STL files