What is a RepRap?
Component Details

18 Gauge Wire
Be sure to use 18 gauge wire for the PCB heatbed and for the power supply.
18mm Smooth Rod
This small section of M8 rod is used in the idler for the extruder.
22 Gauge Wire
22 gauge wire works well for the hot end, fan and thermistors.
24 Gauge Wire
This solid 24 gauge twisted wire works great for the end stop switches.
40mm Threaded Rod
This is used in the x-end idler to hold the 608ZZ bearing which guides the belt on the x axis.
608ZZ Bearing
This is a standard roller bearing. Use it for the extruder and belt guides.
Arduino Mega 2560
The Ramps electronics plugs into this board.
Bar Clamps
Connects bars together.
Bearing Guide
Place the smaller side on the 608ZZ bearing and place the larger side on the smaller side. Glue the 2 parts togethr and use it as a belt guide or use fender washers instead.
Bed Springs
Installed at each corner, between the MDF bed and PCB heat bed.
Belt Clamps
Two are used to secure the GT2 belt to the x carriage and the other two are used to secure the GT2 belt to the MDF bottom plate.
Computer Socket Connections
Used to connect everything to the electronics such as the end stops, stepper motors, and thermistors.
Used to connect the z axis lead screw to the z axis motor shaft. Slide the bits of hose on the motor shaft before assembling.
Electronics Mounting Plate
Attach your eletronics, clip it on to the side of your RepRap and plug in all your connections.
End Stop Holders
Attach the end stop switches to these then clamp these onto bars at the end of the x, y and z axis'.
End Stop Switches
Install at the Y, X, and Z axis. These switches tell the printer where to stop traveling.
This is the primary component of the extruder. Install the bearings, hobbed bolt, hot end, and idler.
Extruder Idler
Attaches to the extruder. With the 60mm bolts and extruder springs, the idler applies tension to the filament between the bearing and hobbed bolt.
Extruder Large Gear
Attaches to the hobbed bolt and is powered by the small gear on the stepper motor.
Extruder Small Gear
Attaches to the stepper motor on the extruder. Powers the large gear.
Extruder Springs
Installed between the extruder and idler; these springs apply tension between the 608zz bearing and hobbed bolt which grabs the filament.
Glass Surface
Secures to the PCB heatbed with paperclips. This is your printing surface.
GT2 Pulleys
Attach these to the x motor and y motor to drive the belts. These may be metallic in color.
GT2 Timing Belt
Cut this belt in half and use one half for the y axis and the other is used for the x axis.
Heater Resistor
Placed inside the hot end; this heats the hot end when 12v's are applied by the electronics.
These two bits of hose are used with the plastic coupling. Slide them onto the z axis motor shafts and then install the couplings to the motor and lead screws.
Hobbed Bolt
Drives the filament through the extruder. This may also be a Hyena hobbed bolt.
Hot End
Takes filament, heats filament and extrudes filament.
LED's (Surface Mount)
The LED's are used in the heat bed. They indicate that power is being applied to the heat bed. This doesn't really act as a warning since the heat bed can be hot when the LED's are off. Two LED's are supplied in case you're not sure which side is positive. Install them in the same direction.
LM8UU Linear Bearing
These are installed in the x carriage and y axis. Be sure to place these bearings on the smooth rods before installing the other components.
M3 10mm Bolt
Use your judgement to decide when to use this size.
M3 14mm Bolt
Use your judgement to decide when to use this size.
M3 25mm Bolt
Use your judgement to decide when to use this size.
M3 30mm Bolt
Used for mounting the hot end to the extruder and one bolt is used for the idler on the extruder. You may also choose to use your own method for mounting the hot end.
M3 60mm Bolt
Use these bolts to adjust the tension on the idler on the extruder. The extruder springs slip onto these bolts.
M3 Lock Nut
These work well for mounting the PCB.
M3 Nut
Use when needed.
M3 Washer
Use when needed.
M4 20mm Bolt
These bolts mount the extruder to the x-carriage.
M4 Nut
Use with the M4 bolts.
M4 Washer
Use with the M4 bolts.
M8 Nut
Use as needed.
M8 Washer
Use as needed.
Measuring Sticks
290mm and 234mm measuring sticks used to build the frame of the Prusa.
MDF Bottom Plate
This secures to the y axis smooth rods with the y bushings and linear bearings. This surface also allows you to mount the PCB heatbed and glass printing surface.
The paper clips secure the glass bed to the PCB heat bed.
PCB Heatbed
This heats the glass surface and allows plastic to stick to the printing surface while printing.
These insulators are used for the thermistors. They primarily prevent a short. You'll want to cut these in half and use one for the heatbed and the other for the hotend.
Ramps Electronics
The stepper drivers plug into this board and this board plugs into the Arduino Mega. The Ramps takes all the components such as the stepper motors, thermistors and end stop switches. This is the heart of the printer.
Resistor (Surface Mount)
The surface mount resistor is used in the heat bed. It decreases the current which powers the LED's.
Thermal Adhesive Strip
Cut into 4 pieces and use to connect the heatsinks to the stepper drivers.
Thermistor (NTC 100k)
The thermistor is used in the hot end and heat bed. It changes resistance based on the temperature. The electronics can calculate the temperature based on the level of resistance. Make sure there is a good surface contact.
Stepper Motor
These are usually connected to the ramps in this order; blue, yellow, green and red. Switch it around for the z axis.
Stepper Driver
This plugs into a Ramps electronics. It controls a stepper motor. Some boards have the stepper driver built in. Heatsinks should be attatched to the large chip. Use a plastic screwdriver to adjust the current.
USB Cable
Used to connect the electronics to a computer for programming and operation.
Part of the frame assembly.
Vertex with Foot
Part of the frame assembly.
X Carriage
Holds the extruder for the x axis.
X End Idler
Connects the x axis and z axis. Idles the x axis belt.
X End Motor
Connects the x axis and z axis. Holds the x axis motor.
Y Bushings
Slides onto the linear bearings for the y axis. Mounts to the bottom of the MDF bottom plate.
Y Motor Mount
This is the y bracket which holds the stepper motor for the y axis.
Z Axis Springs
Insert into the x-end motor mount and x-end idler. These are optional.
Z Motor Left
Holds one of the z axis motors and smooth rod.
Z Motor Right
Holds one of the z axis motors and smooth rod.