What is a RepRap?
Common Problems and Solutions

Hotend wobble
The top section of this part shows what happens when the hotend needs to be better secured to the extruder body. If you have a j-head hotend secured to a wades extruder with M3 bolts, you could try M4 bolts instead or use an aluminium plate.
Lost orientation
The steppers can skip steps if something blocks the movement. If the nozzle scrapes across the current layer, it can cause it to get stuck for a moment and the stepper motor will skip steps. The stepper motors know where they are by counting their steps. Binding can cause this to happen. If one of the axis' has a lot of friction it can cause skipped steps. Also check your y and x axis by sliding the carriages and make sure there isn't too much resistance. Resistance can be caused if the smooth rods aren't parallel or if there is an issue with the bearing mount or bearings. Check your endstop connections. Make sure they are solid. If the wires are loose, it can cause this because they are on a normally closed circuit. The software may think the axis is at the end of the line when the endstop opens. Which will change the printers orientation for the rest of the print job. Endstop interference can cause this. The solid copper twisted wires were provided for the endstop switches because these wires reduce interference. Check these wires are replace them if needed. Another thing that can cause this is loose pulleys. Check your pulleys and make sure they're not slipping.