What is a RepRap?
Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 Complete Kit
These are the latest parts and vitamins for the Prusa Mendel. The Prusa Mendel is the most common RepRap printer and it's the best printer for new reprappers. This kit includes everything you need to build a working RepRap and with NWRepRap's free support, you will get it working. The Prusa 2 has an effective print area of 180mm x 180mm x 130mm (7" x 7" x 5"). It can achieve a print height of 0.1mm to 0.3mm and it's accuracy is between 0.01mm and 0.02mm. See below for a complete list of what's included and what you'll need to build your first RepRap.
Price: $799.00
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The nuts and bolts in this kit are metric. By supporting metric components, we encourage manufacturers to migrate to metric which is superior to SAE measurements.

The plastic parts in this kit are printed with a density of 70% which is higher than the standard 40% minimum density for RepRap parts. We believe it's important to have higher density parts for a more rigid machine. This helps produce higher quality printed parts.

We provide a 90 day warranty on everything and we don't ask questions. If a part or component breaks or if you break it on accident, let us know and we'll ship a replacement as quickly as we can at no charge.

Support is free as well and we like to think we're good at it. If you have any questions, call or email us between Monday and Friday (8am to 5pm PST) and we'll be here to prove it to you. You can also take a look at our support page where you might find what you need. Go here for our support page.

All the software for this kit is free and open source. We've created a page with download links to make it easy. Go here for the software.

We have very thorough assembly videos which will guide you through the entire assembly process. Go here for our assembly videos.

If you want to see photos of all the components included in this kit, go here.

Here's a comprehensive list of what's included in this kit:
  • Fully Assembled Electronics
    • Ramps 1.4
    • Arduino Mega 2560
    • Pololu Stepper Drivers
  • 5 NEMA 17 Stepper Motors (5.5KG-CM)
  • J-Head Hot End (0.5mm 1.75mm)
  • J-Head Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • 30mm 12v Fan
  • 2 GT2 Timing Belts
  • 2 GT2 Aluminum 16-20 tooth Pulleys (5mm bore)
  • MK1 PCB Heat Bed
  • Tempered Glass Print Bed
  • 12 LM8UU Linear Bearings
  • 6 608ZZ Bearings
  • Hobbed Bolt
  • Hot End Thermistor with PTFE
  • Hot End Heater Resistor
  • 1/4" MDF Bottom Plate
  • 2 Heat Bed LED's
  • Heat Bed Resistor
  • Heat Bed Thermistor with PTFE
  • 30 Amp Power Supply
  • AC Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • 3 pairs of 24 AWG Wire - End Stops
  • 2 pairs of 22 AWG Wire - Hot End, fan & Thermistors (cut to length)
  • 3 pairs of 18 AWG Wire - PCB Heatbed and PSU
  • 3 Mechanical End Stop Switches
  • 2 Springs for Extruder
  • 4 Springs for Heat Bed
  • 2 Springs for Z Axis
  • Wire to Board Crimp Housings and Receptacles
  • 234mm Measuring Stick
  • 290mm Measuring Stick
  • 4 Paper clips
  • Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 Plastic Parts
    • 8 Bar Clamps
    • 3 Bearing Guide Sets
    • 4 Belt Clamps
    • 3 End Stop Holders
    • 2 Frame Vertex's
    • 4 Frame Vertex's with Foot
    • 1 NWRepRap X Carriage w/Fan Mount
    • 1 NWRepRap X End Idler
    • 1 NWRepRap X End Motor
    • 1 Y Bracket
    • 4 Y Bushings
    • 2 Z Motor Mounts (One Piece)
    • 1 Modified Hinged Extruder
    • 1 Extruder Idler
    • 1 Extruder Large Gear
    • 1 Extruder Small Gear
    • 2 Nophead Couplings
    • 1 NWRepRap Electronics Mounting Plate

  • Nuts and Bolts (Flush Fit Threaded and Smooth Rods)
    • 2 M8 O1 Smooth Rods X-Bar 390mm
    • 2 M8 O1 Smooth Rods Y-Bar 395mm
    • 2 M8 O1 Smooth Rods Z-Bar 343mm
    • 1 M8 O1 Smooth Rod E-Idler 18mm
    • 6 M8 Threaded Rods Side Bars 365mm
    • 4 M8 Threaded Rods Front and Rear Bars 275mm
    • 3 M8 Threaded Rods Top and Bottom Bars 420mm
    • 2 M8 Threaded Rods Lead-Screws 220mm
    • 1 M8 Threaded Rod X-Idler 40mm
    • 100 M8 Nuts
    • 100 M8 Washers
    • 30 M3 Nuts
    • 30 M3 Lock Nuts
    • 100 M3 Washers
    • 30 M3 10mm Bolts
    • 2 M3 60mm Bolts (E-Idler)
    • 3 M3 30mm Bolt (Extruder & E-Idler)
    • 8 M3 20mm Bolts (Couplings)
    • 20 M3 25mm Bolts
    • 30 M3 14mm Bolts
    • 2 M4 20mm Bolts
    • 2 M4 Nuts
    • 2 M4 Washers
    • 6 Fender Washers

Required Tools and Supplies
  • 1.75mm Filament
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Ultra Copper Silicone
  • 2 13mm Open Box End Wrenches
  • 5.5mm Wrench
  • Set of Allen Keys
  • Oil
  • Soldering Iron, Flux and Solder
  • Pencil
  • Pliers
  • Digital Caliper
  • 457mm (18") Metal Ruler
  • Wire Strippers
  • Zip Ties
  • Set of Drill Bits
  • Drill
Optional Tools and Supplies
  • 10mm Kapton Tape
  • Wire Wrap
  • Crimp Tool
  • Part Organizer
  • Heatshrink

We assume no liability. This is an open source project. We are merely providing you with the components you need so you can pursue this open source project. Please visit reprap.org for complete information regarding the RepRap 3D printer.